New SVC Pickleball Pavilion Now Fully Funded and Coming Soon

Updated: Nov 5

Thanks to an extremely generous club member, ten brand new covered courts will soon be available at Skagit Valley College.

The project is now fully funded and site work will begin in December 2021, right around the corner.

The Mount Vernon Pickleball Club (MVPC) has been working with Claude Blackburn to bring his vision of a 10 court pickleball pavilion to reality in the Skagit Valley. That vision of play, in a covered structure while retaining the feel of the outdoors, is now approaching reality with a pavilion designed to be located at Skagit Valley College (SVC). This location gives SVC students an opportunity to learn and play pickleball in addition to the general public. The whole family can enjoy the area as it is adjacent to the Skagit Valley Playfields, a county park.

A general contractor, design firm, several members of SVC, the SVC Foundation, and Claude make up the design team. The vision is to provide world class pickleball courts under cover with the feel of outdoor play. The design includes a center aisle to allow access to each court, barrier fencing between courts and a playing surface that is easier on the body than a typical concrete court. To provide the feel of outdoor play, the exterior walls drop down to an 8 foot height and include translucent panels and LED lighting to generate up to 75 foot candles (fc).

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