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Pickleball Resumes at Skagit YMCA

Pickleball is beginning on March 3rd at the Skagit Valley Family YMCA under the following guidelines:

First and foremost, masks must be worn at all times. Reservations are required and can be made up to 47 hours ahead of time. All players must be YMCA members. All reservation periods have been increased to 90 minutes. It's important that everyone leave the court when their session is over (Yes even if your game isn't over. This will prevent the gym from having more than the allowable # of people in it). No extra observers are allowed in the bleachers.

There are 2 types of play available, Open Play and Court Reservations:

Open Play is available Mon-Fri from 9am-10:30am and 10:45am-12:15pm. There will be 2 courts set up on the east end of the gym and there are 8 spots available. This is open play available to all skill levels and everyone will play with everyone else. There will be a mix of skill levels and the following guidelines apply depending on the number of people who sign up:

2 players: Practice and drill or play singles or "skinny singles". If you're not familiar with singles we'll have the rules of play posted so you can learn.

3 players: Practice and drill or play "cutthroat". We'll also post the rules for cutthroat.

4 players: Games to 11 win by 2 after warmup. Change partners after each game so everyone plays with everyone else.

5 players: Players take turns sitting out 1 game. Games to 11 win by 1

6 players: 2 players sit out and can practice or play on the second court. Games to 11 win by 1. Winners stay on the court and split up. Maximum of 3 games in a row by any player.

7 players: Court 1 playing to 11 win by 1 and Court 2 plays cutthroat until the other game is over. 1 winner from Court 1 is joined by the 3 cutthroat players for a game to 11 win by 1.

8 players: Both courts play to 11 win by 1. Winners from each court split and play winners from the other court.

These guidelines should give everyone a chance to play with each other. Since there will be a mix of skill levels it's important to remember that everyone needs to feel safe on the court. If you're a more experienced player that might mean not driving the ball hard at a less experienced player. Instead use the opportunity to work on your drop shot or reset the ball to the other side. Good players can get better by working on their shot skills with a variety of players. Note that we switch games to "win by 1" when players are waiting to get in. This is so people don't have to sit out too long.

Court Reservations can be made Mon-Fri 12:30-2pm, 5-6:30pm and 6:45-8:15pm. Courts can be reserved for 2, 3 or 4 players. One person can make the reservation and when you register, you'll be asked to list the other Y members playing. This is similar to the Block Play we used to have at the Y.

Reservations for Open Play and Court Reservations can be made online or by calling the YMCA Welcome Center at 360-336-9622. If you're using the Y website go to Programs, click on All Programs and type in pickleball in the Smart Search box. Choose either Pickleball Open Play or Pickleball Court Reservations and then click on the date you want. Hit the Reserve button and follow the directions. The Y is still minimally staffed at the front desk so reserving online is probably the best option.

If any questions come up during play there will usually by a gym monitor available to help. Hope to see you on the courts.