• gdanilson

Summer Ladder League Set to Begin

We're excited to announce that our 8-week Summer Ladder League will begin June 7. This is open to club members at all skill levels and will feature Womens and Mens divisions. Use this link https://www.mvpbclub.com/ladder-registration to register for this no-fee club activity. Participants will be ranked from top to bottom by skill level. Groups of 4 in the order of their ranking will play a 3 game round robin style match. Each player will play with and against each other. Based on the total points scored during the match, players will move up or down the ladder. Let me try to anticipate some of your questions:

How do I know where and when to play? There will be a new ladder posted each week and you'll see who is in your foursome that week. You'll have a league roster with contact info so you'll be able to contact each other and set up a match. Matches can be played at Hillcrest Park or on any court agreeable to all 4 players. The ladder will be out on Monday and matches need to be completed and reported by 10am the following Monday. How are the games played? Games will be regular scoring and the first side to 15 wins. Each player receives points for their score in each of the 3 games. Maximum # of points possible is 45. We'll provide you with a form with complete instructions on how to report the score each week. It's summer and I have a vacation planned. Can I still play in the league? Sure. We just ask that if you need to miss more than 2 weeks then please wait until a future league to register. Players who need to miss a week will be responsible for finding a sub. This sub should come from 4 players above or below you on the ladder. I'm a beginner level player. Am I going to have to play against really good players? Nope. That shouldn't ever happen. Your placement on the ladder should keep you competing with players at or near your level. Women will compete against women and men against men. Of course as you have success in your matches you'll move up the ladder and face increasingly better competition. What happens at the end of 8 weeks? We'll recognize the top players in each division. This will probably be gold, silver and bronze awards to the players with the highest point totals in each division over the 8 weeks. We might also look at a way to recognize the players who have shown the most improvement over the eight weeks. Is this going to be real competitive? Well, yes it will be competitive in the sense that we're keeping score and giving out awards. But we also want it to be fun. Much of our pickleball play has now become players calling around and getting up a group to play. This league should be a great way for us to meet other players at our skill level and to make new pickleball friends. I'm sure I didn't answer all of your questions but we'll be sending out more information as the start date approaches. If there is anything you'd like to know as you consider whether or not to register please feel free to respond to this email. I look forward to seeing all of you out on the courts, Gary Danilson League Coordinator